Communication doesn’t mean Social Media

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We live in a very social world. Most of our Communications are done on what we call a social level. They rarely go deeper and more meaningful because we’re all so busy running here and there. But what’s important is that when we do have the opportunity to connect to people that were brave enough to have a conversation that matters.

Often times we are in situations where someone shares that they aren’t feeling well or this is bothering them and we kind of just gloss over it and don’t get down and dirty with information that we might have that might make a difference in their life.

So what I’m asking is when you are in these communications and you are in these scenarios with people and they’re telling you that they’re in pain or that they’re not sleeping or that they have constant headaches or stomach problems that you reach out as a chiropractic Advocate, a chiropractic Warrior, and a chiropractic patient and you share with them that there’s another way to handle their health. That no one should be living a life of illness, sickness and pain but be living a life of energy,  service to others and fulfilling everything that they were put on this planet to do and be!