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Pain Relief Testimonials

Thanks for making {golf} possible again

Hi Doc,
I just had to tell you something.  I love playing golf late on a June evening around 6-9. The golf course is beautiful!  I’ve always wanted to play golf with my boys at that time.  Last year I couldn’t because my back hurt so bad, I was unable to play.

Last week, Michael, Danny, and I had GREAT TIME out on the course; Hitting greens, spitting sunflower seed shells, & watching the sunset.

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Amazing... my lower back pain is gone

Dr. Jeff,
Thanks for reaching out to me and asking how I'm doing.  Since you reached out to me, I decided that I should share my experience with you so you can share with your patients or people who aren't sure about Chiropractic Care and Wellness - or if they are deciding what doctor to choose.

I FEEL AMAZING.  Years after seeing you, my lower back pain is gone. 

For anyone in pain or discomfort - call Chamberlain Chiropractic & Wellness for a consultation.

For almost 15 years I had suffered pain in my lower back.  It was as if someone were holding a knife in my spine, it was always there, I could always feel the knife there...  And at any given time the knife could twist and push in - causing me pain that would literally drop me to the ground.  That's what it felt like for me before meeting Dr. Chamberlain.  Constant discomfort, and occasional life-stopping pain that would last for days.  I had trouble working, and couldn't play any of the sports I love for over a year.

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I Had Excruciating Pain and Headaches…

I have had headaches for years. But shortly after my honeymoon they became more severe and I began having migraines. In the beginning, these migraines would only last a day and then go away. Over time, however, the migraine pain became more intense and more frequent. I was having problems getting up in the morning knowing that I would be in excruciating pain before the end of the day. This was stealing my life away. The pain was draining me mentally and physically. I lived my life in constant pain with no relief.

I saw many doctors, even headache specialists. I was prescribed every drug from mild prescription drugs to actual habit forming narcotics. Nothing helped. I decided that I was just going to have to figure out how to deal with the pain, when a friend recommended Chamberlain Chiropractic.

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