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Note:  If you’re looking to come in and get adjusted just for a “quick fix” we’re probably not the right clinic for you.

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Experience More Than Pain Relief

When you think of chiropractic care, you might think about headaches, back pain and conditions like sciatica or ear infections. What many people don’t realize is that chiropractic care is also effective at helping issues like ADD, digestive issues, allergies, immune problems, PMS, and a host of other problems. Chiropractic is a safe, effective way to overcome many common health issues.

The greatest impact chiropractic can have, however, is helping you in achieve your full potential – in ALL things.

We believe the Clarity and Collaboration is the straightest path to Freedom.   Therefore, we make it a priority to help you understand what true health really looks like – and how you can achieve it.

We’re here to help you feel better!

Friendly, compassionate care is the first step to pain relief and healing!

We believe we can help our new patients feel better the first time they call, and just by walking in for their first visit.



What is “Health” Really About

In our society today, “health” is misunderstood.  Many people perceive health as “feeling good, without any pain or symptoms”; but nothing could be further from the truth.  It is much more than that.

80% of the Americans who die of a massive heart attack, had no symptoms…  they had no idea they had a heart problem.  Most people who “get” cancer in their 50’s, already had it in their 30’s and had no idea.  So, are we dying or losing our health from things we feel and see?  Or things we don’t feel and see?

WARNING:  Measuring your health by how we look and feel is the worst strategy you can take.

Health is really about one thing – function.
How well you are functioning determines how truly well you are. Health and wellness is about more than just ‘feeling good’; it’s about functioning at your ultimate potential. When your body is functioning at 100%, you have the innate ability to adapt to just about anything that occurs in your environment and you can continually maintain optimal health.

Ill health results from an inability to adapt to stressors (i.e. a weakened immune system, stress, etc.) and the result is decreased functionality. Events like car accidents and physical traumas are often out of your control, but how you are functioning and adapting to your environment on a daily basis is completely within your power. Therefore, the choice to be healthy or unhealthy is ultimately under your control.

What is the BEST way to improve your function?  Chiropractic Care.
To understand true HEALTH, is to understand chiropractic wellness care.

As a patient at Chamberlain Chiropractic & Wellness, we devote ourselves to looking for the underlying cause that may be creating your dysfunction/disease and then implementing a very specific strategy to enhance your healing.


Making a Choice to be Healthy

Genetics and bad luck are not to blame, and are often used as an excuse in the health care community. Have you ever wondered why when there is a “flu outbreak” not everyone gets sick? It is because only those who have lost the ability to adapt are susceptible to illness. Those of us that are functioning at a higher level deal with the virus without even knowing about it.

This is where chiropractic is different. We understand that you cannot focus on sickness and disease and expect health and wellness to prevail.   Merely treating symptoms and refusing to look at the body as a whole, self-healing, self-regulating system is a harmful mistake that is all too common.   In our office, we take an all encompassing approach to your health, and look at how you are functioning rather than just asking how you are feeling.

Conditions Treated

Vertebral Subluxation

Vertebra X Ray Wellness Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA


Stress relief Blog Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA


Back Pain Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA


headache Wellness Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA

Ear Infections

Ear Infection Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA


Cold relief Allergies Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA


ADD & ADHD Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA


Asthma Chamberlain Chiropractic Best chiropractor West Chester PA

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