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Neck Pain – An Overview of Causes and Solutions

Neck Pain.  Are You Fed Up With It?  Yes….  Then just a moment of your time can help you understand some simple exercises that can alleviate your neck pain.


Jeff Chamberlain

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain

 Not all neck pain is created equal and should be addressed in the same way. That being said, there are foundational actions that that you can take that will absolutely help your neck pain no matter what kind of   pain, what kind of radiating symptoms or regardless of how long you’ve had it.

As you read further I’m going to address :

1.  Some of the most common causes of neck pain that you may not have been aware of.

2.  The difference between symptoms and their underlying causes.

3.  How focused attention on the cause can speed up recovery time and  even greatly reduces the possibilities of that neck pain returning in the future.

4.  Simple actions and exercise you can do both when you are in pain and as a prevention tool to minimize neck pain from ever coming back.


What Caused My Neck Pain In The First Place ?

For some neck pain can show up after an obvious trauma like sports injuries, car accidents or falls on ice, etc.  But for others, it can seem like their neck pain came out of nowhere, or they just woke up with it and can’t figure out what they may have done to have this kind of pain or discomfort.  See what Harvard has to say about the everyday activities we do that can effect our neck pain.  What people don’t realize is that it is more common that their problem has been there for quite a long time and it is just now at the point of overwhelm and therefore screaming at them that it needs help.

In our practice it is imperative that we leave no stone un-turned.  Therefore, when we first meet a patient we make sure we perform an x-ray evaluation to look for misalignment, degeneration or significant damage that may have been there all along.  This allows us to truly understand the root cause underlying the problem.   Sometimes fun things like roller coasters, skiing, rope swings into lakes can create mis-alignments and soft tissue deviations that don’t show up for weeks, months or ever years later. There truly is a big difference between a symptom and the root underlying cause of that symptom.

neck painA symptom is like having a fire alarm.  It doesn’t activate when the fire starts or even necessarily where the fire starts.  The fire alarm only goes off when it is overwhelmed by smoke.  In our body, symptoms usually show up where the bulk of the pressure resides.   That may not be in the same spot that the root cause of the problem is.  The take-away from that last sentence is that our current healthcare ( or “symptom care”) model focuses primarily on the symptom.   When we focus on the symptom or treat the symptom without addressing the cause, we are left with a brush fire that is allowed to get out of control and burn down more of  the forest.   This is one of the primary reasons why Americans are among some of the sickest people on the planet with some of the lowest quality of life.  When the underlying cause is not addressed, dis-ease is allowed to grow and take over like that undetected brush fire.  The worst part of this common scenario is that pain is always the last thing to show up.  So you don’t always know that the dis-ease or root problem is even there.


Experience and Know How Always Gets The Best Results

In our office , we have found that many times a chronic neck problem could be coming from a jaw issue or a forward head translation or a rotation of the  mid back and rib cage.  When we find these underlying issues our “Neck Pain Resolution System “ addresses all these factors giving our patients the best chance of resolving this issue for good.   As part of our system we give our patients practical tools that they can do at home and we train them how to master these tools so that they have these skill set for life.  This gives them the opportunity to be totally responsible for their own neck health keeping it in good repair for the rest of their life.  But one word of caution: these tools and skill sets are no good unless you decide to do them consistently.  Below is a short video of some basic stretches that you can do at home.

8 Minute Neck Stretches For Neck Pain Relief


Neck Pain – The Neck Stretches That Can Give You A New Lease On Life

There are no guarantees in life but if you follow the simple steps of our  “Advanced Total Spinal Health Restorative Stretches” and devote yourself to them twice per day you will be amazed at the increase in motion and the decrease in your neck pain.  The bonus to this is that you will be improving your entire body.  Over 90% of the people who do these stretches regularly and consistently notice increase in balance, relaxation, improved sleep and more flexibility.  In our system we call this a foundational health habit. The foundational health habits that we teach have been shown to increase overall wellness and improve the health of our patients dramatically, while speeding up their recovery and significantly reducing their chances of episodes in any spinal area in the future.  These foundational health habits are simple to do.  However, to get the best results you must decide that you will do them daily and consistently in order to achieve their greatest results.


Additional Tips:  Technology is destroying our necks.

  • If must be on your cell phone for anything other than talking to someone, please hold your phone at eye level. Don’t drop your head, creating a reverse neck curve, in order to accommodate to a phone in your lap or on a table.
  • Make sure that your computer or lap top is set up so that your neck is in a neutral position and your eyes level with the middle of the monitor.
  • Sit up straight in your chair. All chairs, all the time
  • Make sure your neck pillow is proper for your unique body

Call us  here to finally take control of your neck pain. Get to know our professional team get access to our tools, blogs and videos so you are in charge and you can eliminate your neck pain and get back to doing the things you love.  Click the icon below to learn more…..


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