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Sore neck-texting

Is Texting Contributing To My Sore Neck?  What can I do to avoid that?

Is texting contributing to my sore neck?  The answer to this questions is a resounding yes.  The body of evidence is continually growing, demonstrating that texting is a significant and silent contributor to a sore neck.

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain

So why is texting so bad?  In this article we will discuss just a few of the most significant reasons that texting can negatively affect your neck and as well as your health in general.  In my opinion, the worst fact about what we are about to discuss is that these degenerative effects are slow, silent and do not show their side effects until the problem has overwhelmed your health enough to sound the warning alarms called symptoms.  So here is what we will discuss relative to texting and its negative effect on your health, including a chronic sore neck:

    1.  Texting’s degenerative effect on your cervical spine (the bones in                    your neck)                                                                                                                                2.  Texting’s direct effect on your nervous system (your communication              and healing system)                                                                                                            3.  How you can minimize the damage caused by poor texting habits              4.  How can you fix the damage that is already in your neck causing your            neck pain

It is now well known that texting can have a devastating effect on you cervical spine and the nerve tissue that the cervical spine protects.   But there is a ray of hope here. A portion of that devastating effect is due to the physical way in which we text.   So, the good news is we have the power to, at the very least, change the way we text.

Sore neck

Normal curve

So let’s begin with the obvious. Walking around with your head down looking at your phone can be dangerous in any situation. But here’s a fact that you probably never thought about.   With our heads down we actually, unnaturally reverse the curve of our neck. The actual proper design of the curve in our neck should be such that the peak of the curve is at the level of the throat.  This optimal 30-42 degree curvy structure allows for flexibility, strength and most importantly protection of our spinal cord that’s inside those neck bones. When our head is looking down for more than any length of time we actually start to put degenerative pressure on the vertebrae and can therefore create degrees of compression on the actual spinal cord itself. This can then block the ability for proper communication between the brain and our tissues, thus, inhibiting proper function, regeneration and healing. And if we can’t function properly this is where hard tissue like bones and soft tissue like ligaments and muscles begin to break down.

neck pain

Dysfunctional neck curve

This can lead to arthritis degeneration. But the worst part is we don’t feel this happening or even progressing until it is too late. We don’t feel when our neck is slowly breaking down or slowly degenerating. We don’t feel that there’s pressure on our nerves. I know you may think you would feel something like that but our nervous system is set up so that it takes approximately 60% compression on our nerves before the pain fibers are triggered and symptoms begin to show.  So when our head is down during texting on a daily basis, and the natural curve in our neck is reversed, pressure, compression and degeneration begins and lack of communication and lack of function is inevitable.   It’s amazing that a simple everyday action like texting can sneak up on us and create degeneration, neck pain and poor health.


What can I do to minimize how texting contributes to my neck pain?

There are some immediate changes you can make to diminish the negative effects of texting on your spine.

  1. Hold the phone to the level of your eyes instead of lowering your head, neck and eyes to the phone. Try sitting with your back and head against a wall or head rest of the chair. Sit with your knees bent, and text with your forearms, wrists and phone on your knees while you maintain the natural curve of your spine with your head erect.neck pain and tension
  2. Only look at your texts at a few designated times throughout your day.   Limit your time on your phone.  Be aware of how you feel while texting. When you feel tension creeping in on your neck and shoulders…put your phone down and take a break, move around and stretch.    Remind yourself to lift your sternum and tuck your chin in.
  3. Be aware of your posture. Do a mental check as you stand and sit. Are you holding your head erect with your ears positioned over your shoulders? Slightly tuck your chin.  Are your shoulder blades retracted, or are your shoulders hunched? Check your position in a mirror—or in your camera phone photos—and make perfect posture your goal.   These simple adjustments put your head and your upper spine back into proper position.Pinched nerve in neck from Texting
  4. Use your phone’s voice-activated features instead of texting.  Keep your head held high and use Google Voice or Siri or other Search to talk apps instead of texting with your thumbs.
  5. There’s an app for that. Investigate one of the Text Neck Indicator or Watch Your Neck apps; they will signal you when you are holding your device upright at eye level, and warn you when you are tilting your device too far back.


What do I do if I already have neck pain that needs more than just adjusting the way I text?

Remember that neck pain (the pain itself) won’t show up until the problem has been there long enough for the body to become overwhelmed.  As stated previously, it takes approximately 60% compression on our nerves before the pain fibers are triggered and symptoms begin to show.  Therefore, pain and soreness is always the last thing to show up.  Most people are not aware that pain and symptoms only show up after the problem has been there for some time, the body has been working on the problem and finally becomes overwhelmed and consequently the last thing to show up is the pain or warning signal.

So if you have changed the way you texted and you still have a chronic sore neck how do you find out if you have misaligned vertebrae are at the root of this neck soreness.   If spinal mis-alignments are at the root of this problem this can cause spinal degeneration, muscle spasm and worst of all un-natural pressure on your nerves resulting in your neck pain and other unrealized dysfunction.  There’s only one way to know for sure what is at the underlying root of this annoying, distracting pain and soreness in your neck.   Have a complete and thorough evaluation that leaves no doubt to what is going and that leads you to a personal and specific plan of action to correct it …..for good.

Since 1992, my team and I have been mastering our assessment and evaluation system to pinpoint each individual’s specific underlying cause of their neck pain.  We do this through sitting knee to knee with you to gather your detailed history and then perform a comprehensive examinations and testing.  Further, if necessary, we will complete a detailed x-ray exam to see, without a shadow of a doubt, exactly where the cause of your neck pain is.

Once we have determined your specific underlying cause we can then create a personalized plan to correct this problem for good.  No more neck pain and more time and energy to do the things you love with the people you love.

To learn more about our unique process to achieve your success click here or on the picture below.

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