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SOT stands for the Sacral Occipital Technique.

In our office Dr. Jeff would say that he is NOT an expert at the SOT technique.  However, after being to many seminars and putting this technique into practical application, Dr. Jeff has utilized many attributes from this technique that he feels is most effective to his own technique and for the style of his practice.

Sacro Occipital Technique is a system of chiropractic muscle testing, leg checks, respiration checks and many other diagnostic tools to assess the balance and health of your spine.  Once your spinal and nervous system health level has been assessed SOT can be a effective technique “restoring proper nerve force through a balancing of the respiratory and cerebrospinal fluid systems and pressures,” which, in turn, “removes nerve pressure from within by restoring the vital fluid that produces nerve function and this fluid is none other than the cerebrospinal fluid.”