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Thompson drops

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About the Thompson Chiropractic Technique

The Thompson Technique is a full-spine adjusting technique that uses a drop table to enhance the specific adjustment in a way that is easier on both the patient and the doctor.  In short, less pressure more movement in a specific direction towards correction of your spine.

To give you an idea of how this works, the doctor raises a piece of his table ever so slightly.  This piece of the table is set with a release so that it drops a minute distance as the doctor places his hand specifically on the vertebrae he wants to correct. As he applies pressure in the direction he desires the table piece will drop ever so slightly with the slight pressure on that vertebrae in a very specific direction.  At the bottom of the drop the inertial of the doctors pressure continues  to gently create a corrective force on that specific vertebrae.   Less pressure, more movement in the corrective direction and better results.

Dr. Jeff uses this technique for very specific patients who fit the criteria and need according to his very detailed assessment.