Find Your Why

It’s time for you to approach your health and healing with a different mindedness and a different energy.

If you do this one thing you will be amazed as you watch your body thrive in ways it was designed to!

Have you been dealing with health issues for, what seems like, a lifetime?

Does it, at times, seem hopeless as if no one can help?

In our practice, we have a secret to getting great results with people just like you.  The secret is found in our devotion to going the extra mile to help you find your “WHY”.

It has been our experience that a certain percentage of the population will come to see us because they are uncomfortable OR they are finally tired of feeling pain and discomfort and they want us to fix them.  THIS IS THE WRONG “WHY”.    Most of the people who seek our help with this kind of mindset tend to have less than optimal results no matter how state of the art, cutting edge or outstanding our care is.

This is a reactionary lifestyle that breeds short-term results.   Ok, how do you change this mindedness that may have been your mode of thinking for 20,30, 40+ years?  Well, I’m not saying it is easy.   What I am saying is that it is worth the effort.  We have seen, over and over again, with hundreds of practice members how this simple focus has dramatically changed their results and their life.

So how do you find your “WHY”

First you need to be clear on what “finding your WHY” even means.  Most people come to us stating that they want to get out of pain.   But they could do that with heavy narcotics.   WHY do you want to be out of pain.  What is the pain, discomfort or dis-function preventing you from doing?   Are you not able to play basketball with your son or daughter?   Are you not able to roll around with your kids?  Are you distracted by the discomfort and not able to be productive at work……or worse yet not able to focus your energy on your spouse?   These are all much more important questions then “How can you get me out of pain?”.

Ask yourself …..Why is it important enough for me right now to commit my time, energy and money to do what it takes to get to the CAUSE of this problem and eradicate it forever?

IF you can’t come up with the answer…..then maybe it is not the right time to begin a relationship with someone who is devoted to finding the cause and eradicating it ( Like we are).   Maybe you are in a place in your life where you are only ready to commit to a quick symptom oriented treatment aimed at only masking the symptoms and not addressing what is causing those symptoms in the first place (like a cortisone shot or a narcotic).   It is completely your choice.   But be clear on what choice you are making and why.   This is the only way to keep your sanity.